NotifyMe 2

NotifyMe 2 is a powerful push reminder. It gives you the possibility to receive global and local push Notifications on your iDevice. Setting an new Notification is much easier than you might think, set if you want to get a global (needs internet connection, includes more informations) or a local (don't need internet connection, but has got less informations) notification. Set a reminder text, of what you want to be notified and a time. You can then choose repeating, pre-alert, autosnooze and one of 9 different melodies. You can also share or categorize your task or notification. Saving it takes a few seconds and your notification was set on the cloud server of NotifyMeCloud. You will get the notification exactly on time.

But what to choose now? Global or local? Principal: That's Easy to choose. So when you are an iPod Touch User, you don't have internet connection everywhere, so you choose the local one, because it work offline. And when you are at home or you have an iPhone then you use the global notifications.

NotifyMe 2 connects really nice User Interface with many features that work trouble-free.


NotifyMe 2 is a powerful task manager, which is based on sending Push Notifications. I like it very much and it is highly recommendable!


Other short information for that App:

Developer: PoweryBase


Price: 6,99$ full version, 2,99$ simple version

Score: 5 Stars